Web Hosting Trends in 2018

Web Hosting Trends in 2018

We are experiencing advancements in technology every day, and the web hosting field is no exception. We are getting into space where the internet is the future and therefore, owning a website will not be a trend anymore, but a necessity. However, owning a site is pointless if you are not equipped with the current trends in the web hosting field. In this article, we, therefore, list the most important trends to pay attention to this year.

Cloud-based Web hosting

Cloud hosting is quickly gaining ground with a lot of companies switching from using data centers and instead opting to host websites on the cloud. A recent study reveals that 84% of companies are now using cloud computing. The cloud here refers to a cluster of physical servers locked in a climate controlled room. This group of servers, in turn, provides computational power to the virtual servers on which cloud hosting is run.

Cloud hosting biggest advantage would be its flexibility, simplicity and unlimited scalability. Again since the server is hosted virtually and not dependent on one specific hardware server, then in case of a possible failure hosting is redirected to the next available server providing optimum performance. You can now understand why cloud hosting is a big deal.

DIY Website builders/hosts

Going into 2018 you don’t need to be a pro website designer to build and run a website. DIY website builders/hosts allow you to create a website easily and even map your domain to their sub-domain. This way you have your domain but still using their platform. Example of companies offering this are “Squarespace” and wix.com

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress websites are common due to their easy-to-use nature. However, if you are running your word press site on some cheap hosting, it becomes tough for you once you start gaining some decent traffic to your site. This is where WordPress hosting comes in handy. It is specially designed for WordPress sites. There are managed hosts that do everything for you regarding support. Therefore anybody out there serious about their WordPress sites should consider taking up the managed hosting.

It is apparent that just knowing web-hosting is not enough. You will need to be updated on upcoming trends if you wish to remain relevant. We have listed some of the most critical trends you should be following, but that is not to mean there is not more to it.

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